PLoS Genetics
Progressive Purkinje Cell Degeneration in tambaleante Mutant Mice Is a Consequence of a Missense Mutation in HERC1 E3 Ubiquitin Ligase
Tomoji Mashimo, Ouadah Hadjebi, Fabiola Amair-Pinedo, Toshiko Tsurumi, Francina Langa, Tadao Serikawa, Constantino Sotelo, Jean-Louis Guénet, Jose Luis Rosa

Nature Neuroscience
A robust and high-throughput Cre reporting and characterization system
for the whole mouse brain pp133 - 140
Linda Madisen, Theresa A Zwingman, Susan M Sunkin, Seung Wook Oh,
Hatim A Zariwala, Hong Gu, Lydia L Ng, Richard D Palmiter,
Michael J Hawrylycz, Allan R Jones, Ed S Lein and Hongkui Zeng
Allen InstituteのCre蛍光レポーターライン

Rewarded Outcomes Enhance Reactivation of Experience in the Hippocampus
A.C. Singer and L.M. Frank



Parental origin of sequence variants associated with complex diseases
Augustine Kong et al.

Rapid formation and selective stabilization of synapses for enduring
motor memories
Tonghui Xu et al.
forelimb reaching taskによる運動皮質のスパイン形成の観察

Stably maintained dendritic spines are associated with lifelong memories
Guang Yang, Feng Pan and Wen-Biao Gan
enviromental enrichmentとrotorodによるスパイン形成の観察



GABAergic Hub Neurons Orchestrate Synchrony in Developing Hippocampal Networks
P. Bonifazi et al.
A model for the topology of brain networks incorporates a morpho-functional description of neuronal hubs.

J Neurosci
Functional Excitatory Microcircuits in Neonatal Cortex Connect Thalamus and
Layer 4
Cuiping Zhao, Joseph P. Y. Kao, and Patrick O. Kanold
J. Neurosci. 2009;29 15479-15488

X-ray structure, symmetry and mechanism of an AMPA-subtype glutamate
receptor pp745-756
Alexander I. Sobolevsky, Michael P. Rosconi and Eric Gouaux

Chiral blastomere arrangement dictates zygotic left–right asymmetry
pathway in snails pp790-794
Reiko Kuroda, Bunshiro Endo, Masanori Abe and Miho Shimizu







Current Opinion in Neurobiology
Electrophysiological recordings from behaving animals—going beyond spikes Pages 513-519
Edith Chorev, Jérôme Epsztein, Arthur R Houweling, Albert K Lee, Michael Brecht

Optical probing of neuronal ensemble activity Pages 520-529
Benjamin F Grewe, Fritjof Helmchen

Nature Genetics
A small recurrent deletion within 15q13.3 is associated with a range
of neurodevelopmental phenotypes. pp1269 - 1271
Marwan Shinawi et al.
ヒト染色体15q13.3の微小結失で発達障害がおこる。原因遺伝子はCHRNA7? (alpha7アセチルコリン受容体)

PLoS Biology
Explaining the Linguistic Diversity of Sahul Using Population Models
Ger Reesink, Ruth Singer, Michael Dunn

Nature Neuroscience
Experience-dependent compartmentalized dendritic plasticity in
rat hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons pp1485 - 1487
Judit K Makara, Attila Losonczy, Quan Wen and Jeffrey C Magee
enriched environmentにおいたラットのCA1細胞では、A-type K+ channelのダウンレギュレーションによって樹状突起のNa+スパイクの伝播が変化する。

Dynamic DNA methylation programs persistent adverse effects of early-life stress
pp1559 - 1566
Chris Murgatroyd, Alexandre V Patchev, Yonghe Wu, Vincenzo Micale,
Yvonne Bockmuhl, Dieter Fischer, Florian Holsboer, Carsten T Wotjak,
Osborne F X Almeida and Dietmar Spengler
生後初期のストレスはargining vassopressin遺伝子のMeCP2の結合部位のメチル化を減少させることでその発現を増加させる。

The Amygdala Is a Chemosensor that Detects Carbon Dioxide and Acidosis to Elicit Fear Behavior
A.E. Ziemann, J.E. Allen, N.S. Dahdaleh, I.I. Drebot, M.W. Coryell, A.M. Wunsch, C.M. Lynch, F.M. Faraci, M.A. Howard, III, M.J. Welsh, and J.A. Wemmie
アミグダラのacid-sensing ion channel ASIC1aがCO2レベルの増加によるpH変化を検出して行動レベルでの恐怖反応をひき起こす。

Nature Methods

Imaging neural activity in worms, flies and mice with improved
GCaMP calcium indicators pp875 - 881
Lin Tian et al.

A genetically encoded reporter of synaptic activity
in vivo pp883 - 889
Elena Dreosti, Benjamin Odermatt, Mario M Dorostkar and Leon Lagnado



Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience
Visual cortex plasticity evokes excitatory alterations in the hippocampus
Marian Tsanov and Denise Manahan-Vaughan
Freely moving adult ratsのDGでのオシレーションとVCのLFPの相関。

European Journal of Neuroscience
Avian hippocampal role in space and content memory
Meghan C. Kahn, Verner P. Bingman

Journal of Neuroscience
Functional Clustering of Neurons in Motor Cortex Determined by Cellular
Resolution Imaging in Awake Behaving Mice
Daniel A. Dombeck, Michael S. Graziano, and David W. Tank
awake behaving miceの運動野における細胞活動のクラスタリング

Adult-Born Hippocampal Neurons Are More Numerous, Faster Maturing, and More
Involved in Behavior in Rats than in Mice
Jason S. Snyder, Jessica S. Choe, Meredith A. Clifford, Sara I. Jeurling,
Patrick Hurley, Ashly Brown, J. Frances Kamhi, and Heather A. Cameron

Long-range retrograde spread of LTP and LTD from optic tectum to retina Jiu-lin Du, Hong-ping Wei, Zuo-ren Wang, Scott T. Wong, and Mu-ming Poo
オタマジャクシのretinotectal synapsesでおこるLTPとLTDがBDNFとNOによるシグナルを介して逆行性に網膜に伝わる。

Visually evoked activity in cortical cells imaged in freely moving animals
Juergen Sawinski, Damian J. Wallace, David S. Greenberg, Silvie Grossmann, Winfried Denk, and Jason N. D. Kerr

Adult Neurogenesis Modulates the Hippocampus-Dependent Period of Associative Fear Memory T. Kitamura, Y. Saitoh, N. Takashima, A. Murayama, Y. Niibori, H. Ageta, M. Sekiguchi, H. Sugiyama, and K. Inokuchi

Predicting new molecular targets for known drugs
Michael J. Keiser et al.

Human-specific transcriptional regulation of CNS development genes by
Genevieve Konopka et al.

Frequency of gamma oscillations routes flow of information in the
Laura Lee Colgin et al.



J. Neurophys.

Intrinsic Neuronal Excitability Is Reversibly Altered by a Single Experience in Fear Conditioning Bridget M. McKay*, Elizabeth A. Matthews*, Fernando A. Oliveira and John F. Disterhoft

Current Biology

Ancient DNA Reveals Lack of Continuity between Neolithic Hunter-Gatherers and Contemporary Scandinavians
Helena Malmström, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Mark G. Thomas, Mikael Brandström, Jan Storå, Petra Molnar, Pernille K. Andersen, Christian Bendixen, Gunilla Holmlund, Anders Götherström1, and Eske Willerslev

Reciprocal Face-to-Face Communication between Rhesus Macaque Mothers and Their Newborn Infants
Pier Francesco Ferrari1, Annika Paukner, Consuel Ionica and Stephen J. Suomi






Architecture-Dependent Noise Discriminates Functionally Analogous Differentiation Circuits
T. Çagatay, M. Turcotte, M.B. Elowitz, J. Garcia-Ojalvo, and G.M. Süel

Writing Memories with Light-Addressable Reinforcement Circuitry
A. Claridge-Chang, R.D. Roorda, E. Vrontou, L. Sjulson, H. Li, J. Hirsh, and G. Miesenböck A

Neural Circuit Mechanism Integrating Motivational State with Memory Expression in Drosophila
M.J. Krashes, S. DasGupta, A. Vreede, B. White, J.D. Armstrong, and S. Waddell


Metaplasticity Governs Natural Experience-Driven Plasticity of Nascent Embryonic Brain Circuits
D. Dunfield and K. Haas
オタマジャクシでのin vivoカルシウムイメージング。視覚刺激のパターンによって神経細胞集団の反応性を活動履歴依存的かつNMDA受容体依存的に長期増強、抑圧できる。


Genome evolution and adaptation in a long-term experiment with Escherichia coliJeffrey E. Barrick1,7, Dong Su Yu2,3,7, Sung Ho Yoon2, Haeyoung Jeong2, Tae Kwang Oh2,4, Dominique Schneider5, Richard E. Lenski1 & Jihyun F. Kim2,6

Visual but not trigeminal mediation of magnetic compass information in a migratory bird Manuela Zapka1, Dominik Heyers1, Christine M. Hein1, Svenja Engels1, Nils-Lasse Schneider1, Jörg Hans1, Simon Weiler1, David Dreyer1, Dmitry Kishkinev1, J. Martin Wild2 & Henrik Mouritsen1

migratory songbirdsの地磁気によるnavigationには視覚情報が大事。

Regulation of cortical microcircuits by unitary GABA-mediated volume transmission Szabolcs Oláh1, Miklós Füle1, Gergely Komlósi1, Csaba Varga1, Rita Báldi1, Pál Barzó2 & Gábor Tamás1

neurogliaform cellsが放出するGABAと、そのシナプス外GABA受容体を介した伝達の役割

Sleep deprivation impairs cAMP signalling in the hippocampus
Christopher G. Vecsey et al.

Intracellular dynamics of hippocampal place cells during virtual
Christopher D. Harvey, Forrest Collman, Daniel A. Dombeck and David W. Tank

Sequential Processing of Lexical, Grammatical, and Phonological Information Within Broca's Area
N. T. Sahin et al.
Intracranial electrodes record activity in a language-associated area of the brain as words are identified and produced.

Fast Synaptic Subcortical Control of Hippocampal Circuits
Viktor Varga, Attila Losonczy,, Boris V. Zemelman,* Zsolt Borhegyi, Gábor Nyiri, Andor Domonkos, Balázs Hangya, Noémi Holderith, Jeffrey C. Magee, Tamás F. Freund

nature reviews neuroscience
What does the retrosplenial cortex do?
Seralynne D. Vann, John P. Aggleton and Eleanor A. Maguire

The Allen Brain Atlas: 5 years and beyond
Allan R. Jones, Caroline C. Overly and Susan M. Sunkin

Transgenic songbirds offer an opportunity to develop a genetic model for vocal learning
R. J. Agate, B. B. Scott, B. Haripal, C. Lois, and F. Nottebohm

Layer-specific network oscillation and spatiotemporal receptive field in the visual cortex Wenzhi Sun and Yang Dan

ラットの視覚野のin vivo whole-cellで、L2/3では遅いオシレーションを示し、視覚反応は長くRFは大きい、L5では速いオシレーションが見られ、視覚反応は一過性でRFは小さい。

Monkey drumming reveals common networks for perceiving vocal and nonvocal communication sounds
Ryan Remedios, Nikos K. Logothetis, and Christoph Kayser
マカクのdrumming とvocalizationによってマカクのcaudal auditory cortexとamygdalaが活性化する。他に行動観察など。

Evolutionary replacement of UV vision by violet vision in fish
Takashi Tada, Ahmet Altun, and Shozo Yokoyama

scabbardfishの色素SWS1 を解析するとUVvisonからviolet visionへの変化は進化の過程でPhe86のdeletionにより起こったことが示唆される。

J Neurophys
Neural Correlates of Novel Object and Novel Location Recognition Behavior
in the Mouse Anterior Cingulate Cortex
Aldis P. Weible, David C. Rowland, Raina Pang, and Clifford Kentros

Nature Neuroscience
Basal forebrain activation enhances cortical coding of natural scenes
Michael Goard and Yang Dan
The nucleus basalis is thought to regulate arousal and attention via
release of acetylcholine in the cortex. Here the authors report that
nucleus basalis stimulation in rats results in a decorrelation between
visual cortical neurons as a result of activation of cortical muscarinic
receptors and an increase in the reliability of responses to natural
scenes as a result of more distributed changes along the visual pathway.

Functional consequences of animal-to-animal variation in circuit
Jean-Marc Goaillard, Adam L Taylor, David J Schulz and Eve Marder
The authors found considerable preparation-to-preparation variability
in the strength of two identified synapses, the amplitude of a
modulator-evoked current and the expression of six ion channel
genes in the pyloric circuit of the crab stomatogastric ganglion.
These parameters correlated with circuit performance. Circuits produced
similar outputs because of compensatory and coordinated changes among
the parameters.








写真はシカゴのブルースバー"Blue Chicago"での一コマ。





Title: A genomic imprinting effect on experience-dependent cortical plasticity produced by a maternal deficiency of the ubiquitin ligase gene Ube3a
Session Title: Synaptogenesis: New Molecules and Mechanisms
Date and Time: Monday Oct 19, 2009 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: South Hall A




Interareal coordination of columnar architectures during visual cortical development Matthias Kaschube, Michael Schnabel, Fred Wolf, and Siegrid Löwel


Gene therapy for red–green colour blindness in adult primatesKatherine Mancuso1, William W. Hauswirth, Qiuhong Li, Thomas B. Connor, James A. Kuchenbecker, Matthew C. Mauck, Jay Neitz & Maureen Neitz

A genome-wide linkage and association scan reveals novel loci for autism
Lauren A. Weiss1, Dan E. Arking & The Gene Discovery Project of Johns Hopkins & the Autism Consortium

Cocaine Exposure In Utero Alters Synaptic Plasticity in the Medial
Prefrontal Cortex of Postnatal Rats
Hui Lu, Byungkook Lim, and Mu-ming Poo
in uteroでコカイン暴露されたP15-42ラットのmPFCのL5ではGABAが抑制されてLTPが亢進する。行動でみると薬物に対するlocomotor activityの感受性が落ちる



Estrogen Masculinizes Neural Pathways and Sex-Specific Behaviors
M.V. Wu, D.S. Manoli, E.J. Fraser, J.K. Coats, J. Tollkuhn, S.-I. Honda, N. Harada, and N.M. Shah

Stringent Specificity in the Construction of a GABAergic Presynaptic Inhibitory Circuit
J.N. Betley, C.V.E. Wright, Y. Kawaguchi, F. Erdelyi, G. Szabo, T.M. Jessell, and J.A. Kaltschmidt

PLoS Biology
Circadian and Social Cues Regulate Ion Channel Trafficking
Michael R. Markham, M. Lynne McAnelly, Philip K. Stoddard, Harold H. Zakon

Spontaneous Bursting Activity in the Developing Entorhinal Cortex
Maxim G. Sheroziya, Oliver von Bohlen und Halbach, Klaus Unsicker, and
Alexei V. Egorov

Coat Variation in the Domestic Dog Is Governed by Variants in Three Genes
E. Cadieu et al.
Huge variations in the coats of purebred dogs can be explained by the combinatorial effects of only three genes.
Ribosomal Protein S6 Kinase 1 Signaling Regulates Mammalian Life Span
C. Selman et al.
A signaling pathway in mice mediates the effects of caloric restriction that protect against age-related diseases.



PLoS Genetics
The Ataxia (axJ) Mutation Causes Abnormal GABAA Receptor Turnover in Mice

On Universality in Human Correspondence Activity
R. D. Malmgren et al.
ヒトの手紙のやりとりのネットワークの特徴。circadian cycle, task repetition, and changing communication needs. アインシュタインを例に。emailと手紙の比較。

Genetic perturbation of postsynaptic activity regulates synapse elimination in developing cerebellumErika Lorenzetto, Luana Caselli, Guoping Feng, Weilong Yuan, Jeanne M. Nerbonne, Joshua R. Sanes, and Mario Buffelli
L7下にクロライドチャネルを発現するとclimbing fiberのmultile innervationが持続する。

Cooperative synapse formation in the neocortex

Spiking in primary somatosensory cortex during natural whisking in awake head-restrained rats is cell-type specific
Christiaan P. J. de Kock and Bert Sakmann
awake, head-restrained ラットバレル。whiskingはL5Aの細胞の発火頻度を特異的に増加させる。

Nature Reviews Neuroscience
The origin and evolution of synapses
Tomas J. Ryan and Seth G. N. Grant
Evolution of the neocortex: a perspective from developmental biology
Pasko Rakic

Frontiers in interative neuroscience
Remote radio control of insect flight
Hirotaka Sato, Christopher W. Berry, Yoav Peeri, Emen Baghoomian, Brendan E. Casey, Gabriel Lavella, John M. VandenBrooks, Jon Harrison and Michel M. Maharbiz

Nature Neuroscience
The timing of external input controls the sign of plasticity at local
synapses pp1219 - 1221
Jeehyun Kwag and Ole Paulsen
This paper shows that synapses between CA1 pyramidal cells in the
hippocampus and the tempero-ammonic pathway in the entorhinal cortex
undergo spike timing-dependent plasticity.

Selective suppression of hippocampal ripples impairs spatial memory
pp1222 - 1223
Gabrielle Girardeau, Karim Benchenane, Sidney I Wiener, Gyorgy Buzsaki
and Michael B Zugaro
Sharp wave-ripple (SPW-R) complexes during sleep or rest have yet to
be causally linked to memory consolidation. Here, the authors show that
suppressing hippocampal SPW-Rs during post-training sleep in rats impairs
the consolidation of a hippocampus-dependent spatial memory task.

Integration of neuronal clones in the radial cortical columns by
EphA and ephrin-A signalling pp524-528
During development of the cerebral cortex, excitatory projection
neurons migrate to form a cellular infrastructure of radial
columns. However, some of these clonally related neurons undergo
a lateral shift to intermix with neurons originating from
neighbouring proliferative units. This process is now shown
to be dependent on Eph receptor A and ephrin A signalling, a
so far unrecognized mechanism for lateral neuronal dispersion
that seems to be essential for the proper intermixing of
neuronal types in the cortical columns.
Masaaki Torii, Kazue Hashimoto-Torii, Pat Levitt and Pasko Rakic

Fgf8 morphogen gradient forms by a source-sink mechanism with
freely diffusing molecules pp533-536
Concentration gradients of certain molecules termed 'morphogens' are
known to control tissue development during embryogenesis, but how
exactly these gradients are formed remains unclear. Using the
technique of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Fgf8 morphogen
gradients are now shown to be established and maintained in living
zebrafish by two essential factors: free diffusion of single molecules
away from the source and a sink function of the receiving cells.
Shuizi Rachel Yu et al.


Cellular Basis of Itch Sensation
Yan-Gang Sun, Zhong-Qiu Zhao, Xiu-Li Meng,Jun Yin, Xian-Yu Liu, Zhou-Feng Chen
Itch and pain are two distinct sensations. Although our previous study suggested that gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPR) is an itch-specific gene in the spinal cord, a long-standing question of whether there are separate neuronal pathways for itch and pain remains unsettled. We selectively ablated lamina I neurons expressing GRPR in the spinal cord of mice. These mice showed profound scratching deficits in response to all of the itching (pruritogenic) stimuli tested, irrespective of their histamine dependence. In contrast, pain behaviors were unaffected. Our data also suggest that GRPR+ neurons are different from the spinothalamic tract neurons that have been the focus of the debate. Together, the present study suggests that GRPR+ neurons constitute a long-sought labeled line for itch sensation in the spinal cord.

Cerebral Cortex
Charles C. Lee and S. Murray Sherman
Glutamatergic Inhibition in Sensory Neocortex
マウス感覚皮質でgroupII mGluR-GIRKによるinhibitionがある。

Nina Bien, Alard Roebroeck, Rainer Goebel, and Alexander T. Sack
The Brain's Intention to Imitate: The Neurobiology of Intentional versus
Automatic Imitation
Within the identified connectivity network, right middle/inferior frontal cortex sends neural input concerning general response inhibition to right premotor cortex, which is involved in automatic imitation. Subsequently, the fully prepared imitative response is sent to left opercular cortex that functions as a final gating mechanism for intentional imitation.

Perineuronal Nets Protect Fear Memories from Erasure
N. Gogolla et al.
Fearful memories in adults are difficult to erase because of the physical environment of specific neurons in the brain.
Differential Sensitivity to Human Communication in Dogs, Wolves, and Human Infants
J. Topál et al.
Social interactions with humans govern the way dogs and children learn, but wolves learn by focusing on objects.

PLoS Computational Biology
Towards Reproducible Descriptions of Neuronal Network Models
Eilen Nordlie, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, Hans Ekkehard Plesser

Two-photon excitation of channelrhodopsin-2 at saturation
John Peter Rickgauer and David W. Tank

Sparsification of neuronal activity in the visual cortex at eye-opening
Nathalie L. Rochefort, Olga Garaschuk, Ruxandra-Iulia Milos, Madoka Narushima, Nima Marandi, Bruno Pichler, Yury Kovalchuk, and Arthur Konnerth
eye-opening前後のspontanous activityを二光子顕微鏡で観察した。

A genetically encoded photoactivatable Rac controls the motility of
living cells pp104-108
The precise spatiotemporal dynamics of protein activity remain poorly
understood, yet they can be critical in determining cell behaviour. A
genetically encoded, photoactivatable version of the protein Rac1, a
key GTPase regulating actin cytoskeletal dynamics, has now been
produced; this approach enables the manipulation of the activity of
Rac1 at precise times and places within a living cell, thus controlling
Yi I. Wu et al.

J Neurosci
The Representation of Tool Use in Humans and Monkeys: Common and Uniquely
Human Features
R. Peeters, L. Simone, K. Nelissen, M. Fabbri-Destro, W. Vanduffel, G.
Rizzolatti, and G. A. Orban
In humans, the observation of actions done with simple tools yielded an additional, specific activation of a rostral sector of the left inferior parietal lobule (IPL). This latter site was considered human-specific, as it was not observed in monkey IPL for any of the tool videos presented, even after monkeys had become proficient in using a rake or pliers through extensive training.

The evolution of information suppression in communicating robots with conflicting interests Sara Mitri, Dario Floreano, and Laurent Keller
単純なロボットのforaging behaviorで情報共有と競争がどう平衡に達するかを研究した。

Mitochondrial gene replacement in primate offspring and embryonic
stem cells pp367-372
The mitochondrial genome is of maternal origin and mutations in
mitochondrial DNA are the cause of many human diseases. The efficient
replacement of the mitochondrial genome in mature non-human primate
oocytes is now demonstrated. This approach may offer a reproductive
option to prevent the transmission of diseases caused by mutations
in mitochondrial DNA in affected families.
Masahito Tachibana et al.

KDM1B is a histone H3K4 demethylase required to establish maternal
genomic imprints pp415-418
In mammals, the parental origin-specific expression of imprinted
genes is known to be regulated by differential DNA methylation of
paternal and maternal alleles, but it is unclear how particular
imprinted loci are selected for de novo DNA methylation during
gametogenesis. Here it is shown that AOF1, or KDM1B under new
nomenclature, functions as a histone H3 lysine 4 demethylase and
is required for de novo DNA methylation of some imprinted genes
in oocytes.
David N. Ciccone et al.

Inferring friendship network structure by using mobile phone data Nathan Eagle, Alex (Sandy) Pentland, and David Lazer
Honey bee aggression supports a link between gene regulation and behavioral evolution
Cédric Alaux, Saurabh Sinha, Linda Hasadsri, Greg J. Hunt, Ernesto Guzmán-Novoa, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, José Luis Uribe-Rubio, Bruce R. Southey, Sandra Rodriguez-Zas, and Gene E. Robinso

J Neurosci
Non-Hebbian Synaptic Plasticity Induced by Repetitive Postsynaptic Action
Hiroyuki K. Kato, Ayako M. Watabe, and Toshiya Manabe

Does Retinotopy Influence Cortical Folding in Primate Visual Cortex?
Reza Rajimehr and Roger B. H. Tootell
ヒトと沙流のMRI画像で視覚野の網膜地図はvertical meridianがgyriに、horizontal meridianがsulciになる傾向がある。







Current Biology
VA Opsin-Based Photoreceptors in the Hypothalamus of Birds
S. Halford, S.S. Pires, M. Turton, L. Zheng, I. González-Menéndez, W.L. Davies, S.N. Peirson, J.M. García-Fernández, M.W. Hankins, and R.G. Foster
rodやconeではなく、Vertebrate Ancient opsin がmedian eminenceに投射する視床下部ニューロンに発現している。

PLoS Biology
Hippocampus Leads Ventral Striatum in Replay of Place-Reward Information
Carien S. Lansink, Pieter M. Goltstein, Jan V. Lankelma, Bruce L. McNaughton, Cyriel M. A. Pennartz

Rapid Evolution of Sex Pheromone-Producing Enzyme Expression in Drosophila
Troy R. Shirangi, Héloïse D. Dufour, Thomas M. Williams, Sean B. Carroll

Distinct Parietal and Temporal Pathways to the Homologues of Broca's Area in the Monkey
Michael Petrides, Deepak N. Pandya
マカクのブローカ野への入力を解剖学的に詳しく調べると、temporal cortexからのventral streamとinferior parietal lobeやsuperior temporal sulcusからのdorsal streamがある。

L1 retrotransposition in human neural progenitor cells

On the Origin and Spread of an Adaptive Allele in Deer Mice
C. R. Linnen et al.
ネブラスカサンドヒルのDeer miceの保護色はagouti遺伝子のcisエレメントの変異による発現の増加で起こった。この変異はサンドヒルの形成のあとに新しく起こった。

Direct Activation of Sparse, Distributed Populations of Cortical Neurons by Electrical Microstimulation
M.H. Histed, V. Bonin, and R.C. Reid

J Neurosci.
A Simple Model of Cortical Dynamics Explains Variability and State
Dependence of Sensory Responses in Urethane-Anesthetized Auditory Cortex
Carina Curto, Shuzo Sakata, Stephan Marguet, Vladimir Itskov, and Kenneth
D. Harris
ウレタン麻酔下のラット聴覚野で刺激提示直前の自発活動を考慮したダイナミカルシステムモデルを仮定することにより反応のvariablityがtrial-to-trial basisで予測できる。

Visual Receptive Field Structure of Cortical Inhibitory Neurons Revealed by
Two-Photon Imaging Guided Recording
Bao-hua Liu, Pingyang Li, Ya-tang Li, Yujiao J. Sun, Yuchio Yanagawa,
Kunihiko Obata, Li I. Zhang, and Huizhong W. Tao
二光子イメージングでガイドしたcell-attached recordingでL2/3の抑制性ニューロンの受容野を調べると、興奮性細胞よりもサイズは大きく、ONOFFははっきり分かれておらず、方向選択性も弱かった。興奮性細胞のON/OFFsubfieldはphase invariantな抑制のゲインコントロールによって促進される?



先週のScience (行動で面白い論文が多い)

Fire As an Engineering Tool of Early Modern Humans
K. S. Brown et al.
熱処理した石器は16万4000年前から南アフリカのPinnacle Pointの遺跡で見られた。熱処理は火についての知識を必要とし、symbolic behaviorの出現とだいたい機を同一にしている。

Mesotocin and Nonapeptide Receptors Promote Estrildid Flocking Behavior
J. L. Goodson et al.
メスのゼブラフィンチはオキシトシンアンタゴニストによって大きな群れと見慣れたパートナーを避けるようになる。トリのオキシトシンホモログは逆の効果をしめす。lateral septumが重要。種によって特徴的な群れのサイズはlateral septumのノナペプチド受容体の局在に相関する。

The Transcriptional Repressor DEC2 Regulates Sleep Length in Mammals
Y. He et al.
ヒトで睡眠が短くていい人はDEC2というtranscription repressorに変異がある。この変異を模したマウスをつくると確かに睡眠時間が短くなる。

Capuchin Monkeys Display Affiliation Toward Humans Who Imitate Them
A. Paukner et al.
capuchin monkeyという社会性の高い霊長類は自分たちを模倣する人間を、模倣しない人間より好む。

Mindblind Eyes: An Absence of Spontaneous Theory of Mind in Asperger Syndrome
A. Senju et al.
俳優の行動についてのeye movementによるテストでは、アスペルガー症候群の大人は他人の信念を自発的に理解することはできないが、それを学習することによってできるようになるかもしれない。


Changing numbers of neuronal and non-neuronal cells underlie postnatal brain growth in the rat
Fabiana Bandeira, Roberto Lent, and Suzana Herculano-Houzel

Nature Reviews Neuroscience
Is the rostro-caudal axis of the frontal lobe hierarchical?
David Badre and Mark D'Esposito

Neurotransmission selectively regulates synapse formation in parallel
circuits in vivo
Daniel Kerschensteiner, Josh L. Morgan, Edward D. Parker, Renate M. Lewis & Rachel O. L. Wong
ON bipolarにTeNTを発現するマウスでは神経伝達を阻害した細胞とON-OFF RGCの結合は形成されるが、シナプス数が減少している。これはタイムラプスイメジングでみるとシナプス消失によるものではなくむしろシナプス形成の制御によるものである。

How Connectivity, Background Activity, and Synaptic Properties Shape the
Cross-Correlation between Spike Trains
Srdjan Ostojic, Nicolas Brunel, and Vincent Hakim
Cross-correlation functionの対称性が、共通入力をもつときと直接結合のときで異なる。また背景ノイズや後シナプスニューロンの発火の規則性がCCFの振幅に大きな影響をもつ。

Neocortical Networks Entrain Neuronal Circuits in Cerebellar Cortex
Hana Ros, Robert N. S. Sachdev, Yuguo Yu, Nenad Sestan, and David A.
大脳皮質LFPのslow oscillationを壊すと小脳皮質のLFPのoscillationも消失するが逆はおこらない。麻酔下でも覚醒下でも起こる。neocortical UP stateと同時に小脳Golgiの活動が上がる。Purkinje cellsのcomplex spikingもUPのとき起こる。

Defining Network Topologies that Can Achieve Biochemical Adaptation
W. Ma, A. Trusina, H. El-Samad, W.A. Lim, and C. Tang

Dopamine Controls Persistence of Long-Term Memory Storage
J. I. Rossato et al.




Informational lesions: optical perturbation of spike timing and neural synchrony via microbial opsin gene fusions
Xue Han, Xiaofeng Qian, Patrick Stern, Amy Chuong and Ed S. Boyden
Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience

Shift from Hippocampal to Neocortical Centered Retrieval Network with
Atsuko Takashima, Ingrid L.C. Nieuwenhuis, Ole Jensen, Lucia M. Talamini,
Mark Rijpkema, and Guillen Fernandez
J. Neurosci. 2009;29 10087-10093
ヒトfMRIでみたface-location association taskで24時間後の記憶固定後は背側海馬の活動が下がり、皮質の活動があがる。

Neuron, August13, 2009
Linking Genetically Defined Neurons to Behavior through a Broadly Applicable Silencing Allele
J.C. Kim, M.N. Cook, M.R. Carey, C. Shen, W.G. Regehr, and S.M. Dymecki

Downregulation of NR3A-Containing NMDARs Is Required for Synapse Maturation and Memory Consolidation
A.C. Roberts, J. Díez-García, R.M. Rodriguiz, I.P. López, R. Luján, R. Martínez-Turrillas, E. Picó, M.A. Henson, D.R. Bernardo, T.M. Jarrett, D.J. Clendeninn, L. López-Mascaraque, G. Feng, D.C. Lo, J.F. Wesseling, W.C. Wetsel, B.D. Philpot, and I. Pérez-Otaño



Synaptic Integration in Tuft Dendrites of Layer 5 Pyramidal Neurons: A New Unifying Principle
Matthew E. Larkum,1,*,Thomas Nevian,1,* Maya Sandler,2 Alon Polsky,2 Jackie Schiller2
Layer5のdistal tuft dendritesでNMDA受容体によるスパイクが起こる。

統合失調症のpolygenic variationsに関する論文3報

J. Neurosci
Boundary Vector Cells in the Subiculum of the Hippocampal Formation
Colin Lever,1 Stephen Burton,2 Ali Jeewajee,2,3 John O'Keefe,2 and Neil Burgess3,4
Subiculumで計算論的に予言されてたBoundary vector cellsが見つかった。



Experience-Dependent Gene Expression in Adult Visual Cortex
Jiabin Chen, Homare Yamahachi and Charles D. Gilbert
Cerebral Cortex published online July 1st, 2009
adultマカクV1で両側性網膜損傷後の機能回復(axonal sprouting)にかかわる遺伝子をmicroarrayで調べるとRho GTPaseファミリーなどの遺伝子群が同定される。

Angelman Syndrome Scientific Symposium on the Structure and Function of UBE3A/E6AP
Williams J Child Neurol.2009; 24: 904-908
昨年ボストンで参加したAngelman Syndrome Foundation Scientific Symposiumのレポート。



Flexible Learning of Multiple Speech Structures in Bilingual Infants (Ágnes Melinda Kovács* and Jacques Mehler)

MicroRNA-mediated switching of chromatin-remodelling complexes in neural development(Crabtree lab)
マイクロRNA miR-9とmiR-124によるBAF53aの抑制が神経細胞の分化を促す

Evidence of Xist RNA-independent initiation of mouse imprinted X-chromosome inactivation (Sundeep Kalantry et al)

Nature Neuroscience
Prefrontal and striatal dopaminergic genes predict individual differences in exploration and exploitation
線条体のDARPP32とDRD2およびPrefrontal cortexのCOMTがヒトの意思決定の戦略の個人差に関与する